Lagriffe is a manufacturer of winter and summer leisure products, we manufacture products from the very beginning, selecting woods, making the woodcores, designing boards with CAD-CAM, using CNC machining as well as laser cutter to prepare the different parts of the products. We have the complete independance also for the tooling, we make our own molds. So we have the flexibility to design custom boards in term of technic and aetshetic. The first degree of customisation is aesthetic, we are able to have special dyecut in base or we can laser engrave your boards with your logos, names or design. The second step is to work on technic, we can work on a different shape and different flex. Flex is the easiest since we can keep the same core and adjust the weight of fiberglass, carbon, kevlar. Then we can work on the shape, you submit your sidecut or dxf design and we built special tooling and parts to manufacture your full custom boards. For more informations contact .